Ulano Hi-Fi Green Film

Ulano Hi-Fi Green Film Ulano Hi-Fi Green Film

Ulano Hi-Fi Green Film is a photo-sensitive indirect screen printing film. It is adhered to the screen after it has been exposed and developed, but while it is still wet. Use it with solvent-based inks, including plastisol. It’s excellent for fine detail and half-tone dots. It’s similar to Ulano’s Blue Poly films, but more durable and stable. For all-purpose screen printing. Requires no darkroom and has a long shelf life. Dimensionally stable .005" vinyl backing. Adheres to silk, nylon, polyester, or wire mesh. Requires film developer. Use all-purpose block-outs. Remove film from screen with Ulano Enzyme No. 1, and hot water.


Ulano Hi-Fi Green* Film, screen printing film, photo-sensitive indirect film


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